Lil’Bub is a tiny mixed breed cat that was born not only the runt of the litter, but with many birth defects as well. These include dwarfism, polydactyly, a short lower jaw and no teeth, which is why her tongue hangs out. She also has osteopetrosis, a very rare congenital disease which causes her bones to continue becoming denser and harder (prevents osteoclasts from effectively reabsorbing bone) , this causes her main walking problems and pain, but she is medicated and her wonderful owner, Mike Bridavsky, does everything in his power to limit her suffering.  This includes learning reiki and purchasing various medicines and treatment tools. One which is working particularly well for her pain is the Assisi loop, which helps to fight inflammation in the body.

Lil’Bub and Mike do photo-shoots, meet and greets and other publicity type stuff to expose the disease Bub suffers from, and to promote shelters, animal welfare, adoption and spaying/neutering. There is always a clause for Bub to get out of his commitments if his medical condition acts up.

In addition, Lil’Bub has a documentary called ‘Lil’Bub and Friends’ which won ‘best feature film’ at the Tribecca online film festival (He got quite ill during the filming of this and almost perished, thankfully he has since recovered). He also has a book! ‘Lil Bub’s Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet.’ Which fictionalizes Bub as coming from another planet, it is going to be released on the 3rd of September: Good Job Bub day! On the 21st of June this year (Bub’s 2nd birthday) it was announced Bub would have his on web-series: ‘Lil’Bub’s Big SHOW!’. This will be a talk show format where Bub will interview guests. Both will be filmed separately and subtitles edited, so not to put any stress on Bub. Recently Lil’Bub met Grumpy cat, another famous slightly deformed kitty. I will make a post about her soon.


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